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School Meals

St Joseph Parent Menu

Healthy Snacks:

We run a healthy snack service in school. Each morning all children have a choice of healthy snacks. These are provided during the morning playtime. There is a charge for this. Parents are asked to send snack money into school every Monday morning. Fruit is available for all children under 7 every day. There is no charge for this fruit.


Milk is provided for all children in Reception class free of charge.

Special Dietary Needs

If there are any foods your child is allergic to or are not allowed to have, please let us know so that we can be sure to meet your child’s needs.


Lunchtime is part of the whole school experience and children are taught and encouraged to behave with consideration and good manners at all times.

Through Bolton School Meals Service we provide a healthy hot lunch for those parents who wish their child to receive one. We operate a cafeteria style kitchen and there is a variety of choice every day which always includes a vegetarian option. There is a charge for school meals unless you are entitled to receive free school meals. Parents who are paying are asked to pay for their child’s meals at the beginning of each week.

Packed Lunches – we encourage parents to provide a packed lunch that is healthy and sensible. Children are asked to take home any uneaten food so that parents will know if their child is eating their lunch.

Staff on duty always check carefully to ensure that children have had enough to eat before they leave the table. The staff will also encourage children to try a healthy options such as fruit, salad and vegetables during the meal. Stickers are used to reward children who eat healthily as part of our commitment to promote good health choices.